Reverend Suzy’s Installation Service

We were delighted to be able, at last, to formally welcome Reverend Suzy and her family to the Benefice at an induction service held on 28th July. With a few sensible precautions in place, the service went ahead in the newly-repaired Killinghall church and was attended by members of the three churches together with Killinghall’s patron, Sir Thomas Ingilby, and representatives of the diocese and the villages. Presided over by Bishop Helen-Ann, it was a welcome return to worship with singing, beautifully supported by a joint benefice choir.

For anyone who’s never attended an induction service, it’s a mixture of warmth and humour, symbolism and ceremony (or at least, this one was). Robert Smith, from Suzy’s previous parish, gave a delightful speech about her as he, in effect, handed over to us; Suzy received a symbolic bunch of keys by the wardens, placed her hand upon the church door and even had the unenviable task of ringing the church bell which, as everyone at Killinghall knows, is no mean feat (but she managed it with apparent ease).

It was lovely to see members of our retired clergy who have supported our churches so well during the vacancy and to hear the kind words of the representatives of the Methodist chapel and WI and our patron. Even though we weren’t able to have any real social time in the church after the service, it still felt as though we, as a united benefice, had finally said a proper (and long overdue) welcome to Suzy, Brendan, Kathryn and David.