Our famous snowdrops

Bang on time, at 9.00am on a very lovely Saturday 17 February morning a coach arrived at St Thomas a Becket Church filled with 44 Dutch Galanthophiles (snowdrop enthusiasts) on a garden tour from the Netherlands. They had come specifically to see the snowdrops in the churchyard! When I asked Hanneke, the leader of the group, how she knew about our display, she said she had found us on the internet!!!

The visitors

Never have the snowdrops been so photographed, as were the Mousey Thompson mice on the lychgates. The visitors took the opportunity to look around the whole of the churchyard, to sit on the benches overlooking the river, and to explore our wonderful church which all looked absolutely wonderful that morning. The visitors were so complimentary – I felt very proud to be part of our church and village.

Jud Charlesworth