Parish Letter


Seasons Greetings!
This month fills up rapidly with carol singing and festive events as Christmas seems to come earlier every year. I do hope that you are all looking forward to Christmas and enjoying the appearance of pretty lights and strange Christmas decorations. Yesterday I was enjoying a soft and fluffy reindeer head mounted as if a trophy from hunting, singing ‘It’ll be lonely this Christmas, lonely and cold…’ I can’t decide whether I am more shocked by the asking price or by the idea that a hunting trophy singing a very outdated and somewhat sad Christmas song would make a good decoration. It does remind us that for some this season is a time of sharp loneliness, sorrow and increased feelings of isolation, as the world around seem to be overtaken by merriment. Let’s be extra vigilant in our care for our neighbours and our awareness of the bereaved and those who may for any reason spend Christmas Day alone. I know from my own experience that some people are delighted to be invited to join another family for the celebration, and others are perfectly content to watch TV and eat a solitary meal. The important thing is to be sure that they have a Christmas meal, a warm house and the choice to be in company or not, as they prefer. We are all experiencing the arrival of fuel bills and the pressures of finance upon families at Christmas can be a concern. Please do alert your church pastoral care team if you have any concern for anybody and we will see what we can do to help.
I look forward to seeing you all at the wonderful Festive Services we are offering. My thanks to the choirs and Scott for all their hard work. What a privilege we have to be treated to such joyful, quality musical performances and to be able to worship our God, in our own way, in peace.
God be with you as we celebrate the gift of Jesus to the world.
Merry Christmas, Suzy

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